Our Story

Your.Oasis was founded by Rachel, who began her yoga journey after suffering a life-changing injury that left her unable to walk. Using yoga to aid her physical recovery, Rachel discovered the mental and spiritual benefits that yoga brought to her life. Your.Oasis enables her to share these transformative practices with others.

At the studio, we believe that yoga can (and should!) be practiced by everyone, regardless of age, experience or ability. Aware of how emotionally draining life in the 21st century can be, our practice unites the physical, mental, and spiritual journey to bring about restorative balance. By integrating body, breath, movement and meditative awareness, we promote a holistic understanding of personal health and wellbeing. Drawing on our extensive training and in-depth knowledge of the human body and psyche, we teach how to cultivate awareness of one’s own practice and life process.

Your.Oasis offers studio classes as well as private, corporate, and event yoga. We cater the practice to suit your needs, creating your own personal oasis.